Hi, I’m Simona. An Copenhagen based artist, living in the creation of arts, graphics, identities, layouts, interiors, illustrations, advertisements, branding and photography.

My passion is creating anything out of nothing. Wether it’s only an expression on a photography or a form that tells a story, my deepest passion is to make it happen.

Since I was a toddler, in The Faro Islands, I was alway dreaming my self of into wonderland, where anything could happen, and I would create the scenery and support the surroundings as the play went along. I soon found out that the best way for me to express my self was by drawing and painting. The Pen and Brush became my best friends. Later on my interest in photography, glittery magazines, cutting and pasting, creating huge collages and book covers took over for a while. But the same object had my interest: expressions through the human body.

My career was clear; I wanted to become a graphic designer and live my life in constant creativity.

My Career started in 1998 and has taken me through working with great architects, photographers and designers, taking part in great productions as Coca Cola and Toyota advertisements, freelancing for the best advertising agencies in Copenhagen and helping building up identities for start-ups.

In 2006 I had two start-up’s running my self. Together with a female college I established the first company in Copenhagen (Frauhaus) that offered freelance PA assistance and the other company (CPH Private Guide) that offered private guided tours in Copenhagen, for tourists. Both was an enormous success.

Today I’m back working with my greatest passions; graphic design, decorations, arts and photography!