Photo Editing Service

I offer Professional Photo Editing with all from minor changes to your photo to creating huge photo collages and manipulating reality.

I work professionally with Photoshop and offers everything in color editing, image retouching and photo manipulation. Just send me your image and inform me what you would like to have done to it. I will then come back to you within 12 hours and with a solution or an answer to your questions, and I’ll start the assignment within 24 hours here after.

Editing Fee

Basic Editing per edit, from 200 DK/26 EUR

  • Crop/Straightening
  • Adjust out of place hairs
  • Basic skin beautification (blemish correction)
  • Removal of spots in background
  • Teeth and eyes whitening
  • Complete adjustment of exposure

Retouch Pro Editing per edit, from 300 DK/39 EUR

  • All edits included with the Basic Edit
  • Advanced Skin retouching
  • Age defying beautification (take off 10 years ect)
  • Facial feature edits (change size of eyes, lips, nose or forehead. Shape Jawline)
  • Body shaping
  • Removal of braces, reduction of eyeglass glare
  • Swap subject’s heads using another image (fix closed eyes by replacing them with another image)