I love documenting your unique expressions.

You are the face of your life and career. Your image is the first thing seen. Get professional, affordable and natural headshots. Let your confidence and professionalism shine through in your LinkedIn, company website, or business cards with professional photography that takes into account which impression you want to make and the career you want to build.

I GUIDE YOU >> No matter what occasion you need your portrait for, I will help you reach the desired expression by guiding you with your clothing, colors, location, makeup, lighting and guide you in to the right atmosphere.

AS WE SHOOT >> Every photo shoot involves building up a confidence and comfort in being photographed. With me you will not just be Staring into an empty lens without being shown what to do and how to do it, we will be concentrating on other and more important stuff!

MY THOUGHTS >> Photographing a portrait is about bringing out your personality. It’s balancing a fine line between approachability and confidence.